Our Values

Established in 1955 in Alsace thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, our company has been growing for more than 65 years and has accumulated skills in all logistics functions year after year.

  • Haulage, our original service, gave us our core values of flexibility, speed and adaptability which still remain a fundamental part of our DNA..
  • The unwavering commitment and conscientiousness of our staff is another strong part of our identity and is reflected in the excellent standard of the services we deliver.
  • Innovation and constant investment in digital tools that perform increasingly well also make up the back-bone of our performance.
  • Our financial independence and the fact that we are a 100% family-owned business enables us to identify and implement a long-term strategy for our Group as well as for our partners.

Continuous improvement and quality

Without quality, there can be no performance

Quality therefore permeates every aspect of our organisations:

  • service quality
  • information-flow quality
  • organisational quality

Jung Logistique has chosen to adopt recognised standards to assist with our development.

Jung’s quality system is a real toolkit for our organisation, empowering all actors with their drive towards continuous improvement.

We have designed a complete application system, from collecting information through to managing actions plans so we can :

  • enable the system to be managed when it is 100% interfaced to the logistics operating system
  • make the information accessible to everyone (customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • enable rapid decision-making


Our company continued its quality approach by targeting certification in the Pharmaceuticals industry by December 2020. Jung Logistique is now certified to ISO 9001 (Management of Health and Safety at Work) and has gained Authorised Economic Operator Security and Safety (AEOS) certification at one depot.

SINCE 2011