Haulage organiser

Every year, our specialist teams handle more than 115,000 haulage operations of all volumes (ranging from 1 to 33 pallets).


With our network of chosen partners, we believe in personalised haulage plans that add value and meet our customers’ most exacting requirements :

  • real-time tracking of vehicles – Shippeo interface
  • arranging of schedules at the time of loading and delivery
  • tracking of unified messaging, single packages and express services
  • real-time notifications for haulage documents
  • managing of returnable packaging
  • compliance with protocols

Every customer has a single contact person who is up to date with your requirements, your goods and your priorities.

Our staff are committed to helping you. We will put in place haulage solutions that are optimised in accordance with the regulations.

We help our drivers with a programme of annual training run by our accredited internal trainer.